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so the other day i was chatting with a friend when he started to talk about a post they'd seen on tumblr, the post was "if your 8 year old self saw you now, would they be proud" so we started talking about it and me being me i made a few jokes and not took it seriously but then when i later got home and was alone i couldn't stop thinking about it and in all honesty my 8 year old self would not be proud of me, i'd even go as far to say that she'd hate me like literally hate me, looking back my 8 year old self would be a a different person granted some things have stayed the same but in all honesty i've lost some of my good qualities, and that got me thinking that the main reason as to why i've lost these qualities is because of the people i've met growning into my adolesance and then this made me even futher realise that thats another reason why she'd hate me, i've become someone who doesn't like to take the blame for what i've done, now i never used to be like that granted that it is due to some people but the fact that, i thought it was mainly their fault at first is ridiculous becuase it's not all due to them i have changed a lot sonce my 8 year old self but  hasn't everybody  i mean know one stays the same forever, trust me when i say that there would be a hell of a lot more resons as to why she would hate me but they're much more personal for me to share. but basically when i was 8 i imagened my teenage years to be completely different to what they actually are, i also thought i'd be a different person to what i am now and it kinda sucks to realise that i've let my 8 year old self down and for that i guess i'm sorry.

if you have actually took time to read this then what about you
"if your 8 year old self saw you know what would they think and would they be proud?"
take some time and think about it but as for me the answers no she would most definatly not be proud and she would pretty much hate me, but i have to admit it was interesting spending all night thinking about this so i just thought i'd share it with you.
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United Kingdom
good day, my names annie and i'm rubbish at writing these sort of things, but if you must know, i like cake and i literally spend all my life watching stuff on youtube or playing videogames ... proud yognau(gh)t and sherlockian and so on.... i also like cats

゙(゚、 。 7
 l、゙ ~ヽ
 じし _, )ノ

Current Residence: uk
Print preference: any size really ^^
Favourite genre of music: i like a variety of music
Favourite style of art: manga/anime and nature
Operating System: my computer or phone
MP3 player of choice: iphone/ipod
Favourite cartoon character: bugs bunny
Personal Quote: i'm not even sorry

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